Plywood x Particle Board - What's the price diff?

What is the price difference between plywood and particle board core for your cabinets?

The reason I wanted to start blogging on our site myself is to be able to directly answer all the questions our clients and customers have been asking us for years. And this one often tops the list!

Simply put, sometimes it is a lot, and sometimes not.

The price difference between plywood and particle board cases varies by around 5%-11% in North American cabinet manufacturers. In Europe and South America, this difference jumps to about 30%! Therefore, the rest of the world outside of North America has learned that when it comes to custom cabinetry they can offer lifetime warranties and luxury products without the higher plywood costs and environmental consequences.

High-quality melamine boxes with dowelled construction are generally more stable, stronger, and more resistant to water and scratching damage than plywood. Plywood is more affected by moisture and temperature changes and tends to warp and shift more than a melamine case. The only real benefit to plywood is screw retention, so it’s a good option for back panels for wall fixing, and a good material as top rails on cabinets that are not fully closed (not our case as all our cabinets are closed).

No high-end European manufacturer offers plywood. It’s an American contractor-grade solution that is not better in most instances.

Casa Bossanova owners' experience in the local marketplace spans over 50 years in the cabinetry industry. We have been manufacturers of cabinet doors and dovetail drawer boxes for other cabinet companies, we’ve been closet designers and installers. We’ve also acted as sales agents for board manufacturers and various architectural products in the industry for all levels of cabinet-making companies in Canada and the USA.

Our small team’s combined industry experience adds up to about 200 years of knowledge in every aspect of designing, manufacturing, and installation of custom cabinetry. If you have any specific questions about any material, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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