Laser Edges in Luxury Cabinetry

Casa Bossanova takes luxury and innovation seriously. Therefore we are constantly developing and utilizing new technologies and techniques. This is how we give you the best combining ultimate style and functionality, environmentally friendly products, and maximum durability.

When building a new home or renovating we're with you in the hundreds of decisions you have to make. These include combining your desires for beauty and luxury, your need for durability and functionality, and the equally important parameters of budgets and overall costs of construction.

One of the most common concerns we hear from our homeowners considering new cabinetry is regarding the difference between laminate materials and a "real wood" or "solid wood" product.

How Casa Bossanova Addresses This Concern

When working with luxury laminates Casa Bossanova only utilizes Laser edgebanding techniques. This process is carried out by state-of-the-art equipment in manufacturing facilities, consequently guaranteeing the beauty and longevity of your custom cabinetry. This is a key differentiator of luxury cabinetry.

Reasons why you should only consider our Laser Edgebanding technique for your cabinetry:

First, this precision technique ensures a seamless, flawless finish on all of our laminate cabinetry products. Say goodbye to unsightly gaps and rough edges!

Next, you will experience the ultimate in durability and aesthetic appeal with laser-fused edges on our laminate cabinetry.

Additionally, it is perfect for high-traffic areas in your home as the wear and tear is practically non-existent over many years. This is not the case with painted finishes as the risk of scratches is much higher.

Finally, from kitchens to bathrooms, our laser edgebanding cabinetry products provide a superior finish that will last for many years to come.

Visit our showroom to view the difference this technology makes on our laminate cabinetry. The perfect option for homeowners who want both durability and luxury design.

Our designers are magicians in combining various factors when designing. For instance, interior designers' specifications, your desires, and budget parameters will be considered.

They can show you the way to accomplish a luxurious and durable cabinetry project with your choice of finishes. You will be proud to show it off to your guests!

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