Why use laminate for kitchens?

There are a lot of reasons why laminate + high-density particle board is preferred over plywood for cabinets in Brazil, Europe, and anywhere outside of Canada and the USA.

Some factors may include:

  • Availability: High-Density Particle board is widely available and produced domestically in Brazil, making it more accessible for use in cabinet-making at all levels.
  • Durability: High-Density Particle boards can be treated with various finishes and coatings that make them more durable and resistant to moisture, which can be important in a tropical climate like Brazil's.
  • Brazilians are genuinely concerned with the environment, and are also mindful of overall cost efficiencies, even when building luxury homes.
  • Sustainability: High-Density Particle board is often made from recycled wood waste and other plant fibers, making it a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice compared to traditional wood products like plywood.
  • Cost: High-Density Particleboard is considerably less expensive than plywood (20%-30%), making it a more cost-effective option for manufacturers and consumers of all budgets.

It's also worth noting that preferences and regulations regarding building materials can vary greatly from country to country, and what may be popular or commonly used in one country may not be the case in another.

Plywood is an American contractor-grade solution that has proven to not always be better than laminate/high-density particle board cases.

High-end custom cabinetry companies offer the highest grade of high-density particle board for their projects. It is the highest European standard for cabinet making. European cabinet manufacturers do not offer plywood boxes, even at the highest luxury level. This material grade is nothing like what you would find at IKEA or Home Depot - those are low-grade low-cost materials to allow them to bulk manufacture and distribute at low prices.

For plywood specification projects, Casa Bossanova partners with local North American manufacturers to deliver quality sourced plywood.

No one can guarantee that plywood will withstand water damage better than any other material. When a flood happens, wood is wood and it is likely going to get wet, swell up and twist and need to be replaced.

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